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The Swiss Club, Inc. Philippines is a non-political, non-profit seeking association of Swiss nationals and friends of Switzerland residing in the Philippines.

The purpose for which the Association is organized are as follows:

To unite all Swiss residing in the Philippines islands, to further their interests jointly, to have sound and healthy recreation and entertainments, to inspire them in the carrying out of the foregoing through the means of this Corporation, to remain aloft from politics, to obey all laws of the Philippine islands, to maintain good fellowship among its members and thereby foster the love of their country.

To foster friendship and contact among local Swiss community.

To foster friendship and contact between the Swiss community and friends of Switzerland.

To act as a liason body between the local Swiss community and the Swiss Authorities.

To organize any such cultural, or recreational, or sports events andor activities that are in the general interest of its members and the Swiss community in general.

To organize and/or take care of any activities or moves that are considered necessary or in the interest of the majority of its members.

And, in furtherance of said purpose, to organize sections in the club, such as but not limited to an educational organization, a rifle association, a singing club, etc. The activities of such special sections shall be managed by committees which will promulgate the requirements for admission and the operating rules and regulations to be complied with by the members thereof upon approval by the Board.